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Friday, April 04, 2014

Air Pollution from Sahara

Over the past few days we've been experiencing some strange pollution due to the weather, something to do with pollution coming up from the Sahara Desert. Early today it was quite misty in Milton keynes and it seemed to block out a certain amount of light. It wasn't like fog. Quite difficult to explain. We went to Asda early as Carol needed something. It was quite mild as we drove away from the house. They had said on the television news that those who had breathing problems should stay indoors. 

When I went to collect my repeat prescription from Sainsbury's on Tuesday there was a note from the pharmacist that I would need to make an appointment with my G.P. to have my medication reviewed. I was somewhat surprised as I only had a review a few months ago (I must have mentioned it on here so I will need to have a search on earlier posts.) Also, I have had a recurring problem with my ears. I get a build-up of wax and have to have my ears syringed (not exactly something to make too much of on here, but, never the less, an issue which needs to be addressed.) I think I had it done around a year ago. I was told that I would need to see my G.P. as he had to refer me to the nurse who would do the ear-syringing. So I managed to get to the Ashfield Medical Centre in Beanhill at around 7.35 and waited in the car until the surgery doors opened at 8. I was fortunate that I could get an appointment immediately which meant I avoided having to wait for a long time.  Dr Hilmy reviewed my medication. It means that actually he just had to approve my medications and nothing more. I suppose it's because I'm on medication which is long-term and on repeated prescription and to ensure there is no waste. Certainly not as without I wouldn't be alive! He also took my blood pressure which was normal (not sure of the actual reading.) and I was on my way, before making a nurse's appointment for next Tuesday at 4.20 for the ear-syringing. At the moment my hearing is somewhat dulled and I get quite intense headaches. So it will be a relief once this is done. I have to use olive oil drops in my ears daily before the nurse's appointment.
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