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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cleaning The House For Inspection

We spent the entire day yesterday cleaning the house ready for the inspection on Thursday afternoon. When Sam left several months ago he left a load of his stuff behind in the smaller of the three bedrooms so Carol spent her time clearing out what was in there. It was so crammed with stuff you could barely open the door. We sorted most of it out and took a load of it to the tidy tip. We were going to the tip at Bleak Hall, having put some petrol in the car at the Shell station on the way. We had a second load to take later in the day but when we went back to the tidy tip in Bleak Hall we found a long queue of cars and decided to drive over to the other tidy tip at Bradwell.  We have today (Wednesday) to complete cleaning the house and having it ready for the inspection tomorrow. It's surprising how much stuff we have disposed of in the tidy tip. A real feeling of a job well done, although as I write this it's not complete. By the time of the inspection (that is, whether they actually turn up, as on two previous occasions, having cleaned the house thoroughly, nobody bothered to turn up) there really will be no cause for concern and the place will be spotless.
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