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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

No House Inspection Follow-Up

Well, it's well over two weeks since the agency house inspection. We were told that they were having a meeting with the landlord and that they would get back to us regarding the landlord wanting to come and inspect the house himself. But absolutely nothing, no email, letter or telephone call. I'm somewhat annoyed as the leak under the sink is no nearer being fixed, which was started by the landlord's botched attempts to connect the washing machine to the water system, or any further with getting the fence repaired after the wind blew down a large section several weeks ago, or any of the other minor things around the place which need dealing with. It seems the agency or the landlord seem to have this policy of ignoring everything we seem to report. Oh well, it's there problem when things get worse.

As mentioned in an earlier post on here, we spent quite a considerable amount on getting the car fixed to get it through it's MoT. Now it has developed a fault with the clutch, which made driving over to Morrison's on Saturday morning to do our weekly shop. No doubt it will cost the proverbial 'arm and leg' to get it fixed. It will just have to wait until the beginning of next month now. Pity it had to develop this fault before a Bank Holiday Monday. It meant we couldn't go far as we had planned to visit somewhere which would have meant using the car. As a result we took the dogs for a walk along the Redway and walked along the canal, having a coffee at the riverside restaurant and then along to an open day at the marina. Alfie got himself in a great deal of bother as usual when it came to putting the harness on, and when we got to the restaurant and sat outside Poppy managed to get out of her harness and wandered along the bank on her own. Just as well she didn't see the cat on the opposite bank as she would have made a lot of noise barking and no doubt attempt to swim across the canal! fortunately she was came back and was reacquainted with her harness.

We had earlier intended going to the gym for a swim, but as the car is out of order it would mean a) walking b) catching a bus, or c) going by taxi. All of which would mean quite  bit of cost and effort so we decided to take the dogs for a walk. We did do quite a bit of research and found out the number of the bus to the gym, which would have meant being dropped off near the football stadium at Mount Farm and walking through to the gym which is on the opposite side of the football stadium (actually D.W. is within the stadium precincts.)
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