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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bye-Bye Rental Agency

When the landlord visited the other week he was not pleased to hear about the lack of activity from  the rental agency who are supposed to manage our house. He now wants to do away with their management and have us pay our rent direct to him. He telephone me the other evening to say that he was going to speak to them and end their management of the house so it would mean we contact him direct with regards maintenance of the property. This will mean he will have to give him his bank details so the rent can be paid direct to this account and not the rental agency. He was not pleased to hear of the bad attitude of the guy who came out and was criticising every thing that he could regarding the cleanliness of the property. Both the landlord and his wife are happy with the condition of the house so we will continue to live here although the rent is being increased slightly.  It seems that the agency were making money out of the management of the property and doing next to nothing as regarding managing the house. They should have been able to get the work done as regarding the maintenance, repairing the fence, plumbing problems and one or two minor things. We need to get the fence repaired and the grass cut at the back of the house. The grass has now grown to such a length that we can't get the mower to cut it. I have tried to contact the young man who came out around a year ago to cut the grass but, having left messages on both his landline and mobile answering services and sent an email I have had no response so we will have to find someone else to do the work. We have now had the dripping pipe connection near the washing machine fixed so that is one less problem to resolve.

Alfie has done his disappearing act again. The hole in the fence was temporarily mended. By 'mended' I mean we had managed to prop up a few oddments of the broken, dilapidated fence against the hole and then placed a pile of white plastic garden chairs which were part of the property here when we moved in against it. But a recent wind blew it al down and Alfie's ability to be tempted became far too strong and it was obvious to me that he wasn't where he should be in the garden a few days ago. I called him, and I heard distant barking, coming from outside the garden perimeter and presumably within either the strip of trees along the Redway or from the Redway itself. He really has no sense of direction it would seem and managed to come back towards my calling voice and he came through the gap which has opened up between the neighbour's garden fence near their gate and our fence. He came back all upset and barked as he came in. The grass has become so long in the garden as I've already mentioned above. It has begun to seed which might explain why Carol is sneezing a lot at the moment and has got a rash on her skin. No doubt the grass has caused this. She has got some ointment from the doctor for the rash and medication to spray up her nose for the sneezing. Both dogs get lost almost entirely in the grass and sometimes when they are outside in the garden you cannot always seem them in the grass.
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