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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dogs Visit Our Neighbour

The lady who lives next door came to visit yesterday evening. She knocked on the door and the dogs went wild, barking madly and running around. I went to the door and she was on the doorstep. I feel awful as I don't know her name. Shameful, considering we've lived here around four years. She wanted to see Carol about something. She wanted Carol to witness her signature on a legal document or something, relating to probate for a will of a relative of hers who had died, and as Carol is a teacher she would be a person 'of good standing.' I suppose if you are a teacher you have a sort of responsibility that other members of society don't have, or at least you should have. A role model and all that. Well, you would have been when I was growing up. It probably applies still. If you wanted a reference you would go to a teacher, a vicar or 'Man of The Cloth', doctor or someone else you could rely on who was a professional person. Anyway, Carol told me that the dogs, Poppy and Alfie, had paid her a visit. Now we know where they go, through the hole in the fence and into her garden. She had been writing and suddenly Poppy or Alfie were snuffling about her house. I know what Poppy can be like, very demanding, snuffling and being very 'in-your-face.' Alfie likewise. She wasn't that bothered about their visit but we're now going to have to make some sort of temporary or permanent repair to the fence as we really don't want them wandering into other peoples homes uninvited.
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