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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cutting The Grass

This saga drags on. We have given up the search for someone to come and cut the lawn for a reasonable amount of money. We have borrowed our neighbour's Strimmer and began the task of hacking down the grass when we got back from church yesterday morning. For those who don't know what a Strummer is, it's a gadget with a handle and has a reel of fishing line in the base which spins at speed and cuts grass and weeds. Strimmer will be a trademark for Black and Decker but I expect there are variations on the same gadget made by other companies. As it cuts the line itself gets shorter as bits get worn down, so you have to keep stopping and pulling out more and more line. Some come with an automatic feed which allows the line to fed out of it's own accord. I don't think it's actually that successful because the grass is now so long an extremely tough so it has real problems cutting it. We have been using a pair of garden shears intended for hedge-cutting but they are better at cutting through this tough grass. Once all the grass has been cut down sufficiently we will then have to rake off the loose grass and then use the lawn mower to keep the grass to a reasonable length.
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