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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Attempting to find a gardener to mow the grass

We've been attempting to find someone to come and cut the grass. We did get someone to come and do it several months ago. Carol was given the name of someone by the lady whose children she has been tutoring. She was given his card with his mobile and land-line number on, together with email address and so I rang both numbers recently but only got voicemail. I left messages on both and then sent an email, but some two weeks on I've had nothing back. We then looked in the local Milton Keynes newspaper and Carol saw an advert in there for someone who was supposed to do gardening, including lawn-mowing, but the same thing happened; no response and no call-back when I left messages on answering service. Do these people want the work or not? It does seem odd that if someone puts an advert in a newspaper, which must cost quite a lot of money, they don't make any attempt to answer their phone. Doesn't make sense. Then I decided to go on line and found something called RatedPeople or something, a service which even advertises on television and left details on there. It won't take much more than two hours to do the job and shouldn't surely cost more than £60. I put on there that the cost was below £100, but absolutely no response. We then rang yet another number from a newspaper ad and were told it would cost at least £120. Excessive over-charging and greed if you ask me. Would never bother with RatedPeople as it seems totally pointless and useless.
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