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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Window Cleaning

We now have a window cleaner who comes regularly to . . . clean the windows. There's a surprise. He turned up one evening and Carol answered the door.  He was doing cold calling so as it build up his round in this area. As we've been living here for the best part of four years and have never actually cleaned the windows properly, except the back windows and then only using Windolene, it seemed a good idea to get them cleaned properly as we've been spending so much time getting the house tidied along with the garden. He has managed to clean the upstairs windows using a ladder which he had to bring through the house. The sills of the windows upstairs have got very black and dirty and to have that muck cleaned off makes things look clean and fresh. He even cleaned the front door. He just turned up when I was working in the sitting room and I heard the ladders clanking outside and then thought it must be the window cleaner. The dogs barked and I had to have them locked in the sitting room as Alfie in particular will just run off up the road if the front door is left open. So that means we will get a monthly window cleaning session. As we don't have our own ladder it would be more or less impossible to reach the upstairs windows and it's no use me climbing ladders with my heart problems and anyway, where would be store a ladder?
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