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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Surgery Telephoned Me

Continuing from my last post . . .  about having to answer the letter that was sent as they couldn't contact me or else they'll take me off the surgery register . . . Well, I got a call via my mobile phone. Which makes all this a load of nonsense because if they had my MOBILE number they could still contact me. I have to go in next week with some form of proof of identity, such as a utility bill with my my address on it and that will mean I won't be taken off the register. Crazy sort of ancient bit of legislation or something which dates back to the foundation of the N.H.S. in round about 1948 or something crazy. Makes you wonder why such things aren't bought into the 21st century, what with computers, databases, the internet, mobile telephones and so on. What on earth have I done wrong to deserve this? How many times have I used the surgery recently? Surly it would show up on their system. Apparently not. A joke really. Why don't they ask for Carol's details such as change of address, mobile, landline telephone, as she lives at the same address as me? I don't think there is any sort of answer they could give. No wonder the N.H.S. is in such a mess. If they cut out most or even all the unnecessary red tape, bureaucracy, waffle, call it what you will, I reckon most of their problems would be solved. I remember being sent a letter from some N.H.S. department or other soon after I'd had my heart attack. I duly went off to wherever it was, in Bedford or Milton Keynes, one or other of the hospitals (perhaps the coronary what sit department. Anyway, to do with my heart.) On arrival I checked in at reception, to then be told it wasn't necessary and there wasn't actually an appointment. So it makes you wonder who sent that letter, the cost of sending it, printing postage etc. and the fact that I'd made the effort to turn up for an appointment, cost of petrol etc etc. How was that letter produced? Was it a computer churning out letters which no human has written and why? How many other people have had similar letters sent out? Makes you wonder.
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