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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wild, Wet and Windy Weekend

It wouldn't be a normal August Bank Holiday if it didn't have rain, and we had rain here in bucket-loads. Stair-rods. We had wanted to go out somewhere as it's the last week of Carol's holidays. We have had some outings as already mentioned in earlier blogs on here, but it turned out that we'd be stuck in watching television instead.

I haven't mentioned that I am booked onto a creative writing course. I have mentioned the one-day course I did back in November at the Milton Keynes Art Centre and how it had sparked me off on quite a bit of writing. I had then booked on to a ten-week course, again at the Arts Centre and again lead by the same leader who lead the one-day course and it was intended as a Christmas present and running from mid-January. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to ill health of Deborah Fielding, the leader. I had hoped that it would be re-scheduled but nothing came of it and the money that was paid out was refunded. I had been looking around to do a similar course elsewhere and had found nothing suitable. Then Carol did some searching on the internet and found this Beginners Novel-Writing course which just happened to be starting on September 23rd and on in the evenings at the Milton Keynes Academy for 8 weeks. Just too good to be true as it means that I don't have to worry about parking as it's only a short walk there and a complete coincidence as Carol works there so it has worked out well. Just a bit annoying that I don't get any sort of discount but never mind. It's now paid for and all things are settled.

At Milton Keynes Christian Centre we're having an Alpha course starting the Monday before my writing course starts. I've been on one of the courses before when I lived in Bedford and went to Brickhill Baptist Church and then as a helper when I went to Rutland Road Church. So it looks as if I'm going to be busy staring in September. The Alpha course runs for eleven weeks and you get food at the beginning of the evening which is good enough reason to go. And knowing M.K.C.C. the food should be good!
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