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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Uneventful Christmas

Really not a great deal to report regarding our Christmas this year. We were on our own. Daniel stayed up in Newcastle, where he's completing his degree course. As for Sam, we don't have any address. We know he's somewhere in Wales, but that's all. He does communicate with Daniel but he's not connected via Facebook. He had his birthday on 22nd December.

We went to visit Chloe and Steve when they stayed at Louisa and Richard's in Stony Stratford a few days before Christmas and then went down to Devon to stay with Steve's parents over the holiday period.

On Christmas Eve  (Wednesday) we had to go to Morrison's at Westcroft to pick up the 'Turkey Bomb' we had ordered. This is a meat concoction which we found in the Morrison's Christmas catalogue and it is made of turkey breast, stuffing and bacon. We got to Morrison's far too early (6.30 a.m.) and didn't realise that they wouldn't be closed as, for example, Asda is open 24-hours a day. There were quite a few people waiting outside and we had to sit in the car so as to at least be warm. Eventually the doors were opened and we had to go to the Customer Services desk with our receipt so we could pick up the item we'd come to collect. We were told by the lady on the desk that we'd have to go to the back of the store to collect our 'Bomb.' Staff there were setting up a special table for these orders and one lady was incensed that I was in front of her. She was really quite rude and nasty. I can't think why as her order would have been ready just the same as ours, which came out after a minute or two. They make these items and they have to be ordered. We had quite a few more items to purchase and we managed to use the £25 voucher we had collected over the pervious 6 weeks having shopped each of those weeks leading up to Christmas and got the £25 off our shopping.
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