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Monday, January 05, 2015

Back To The Academy

Well, the Christmas and New Year holiday is now over. The decorations are down, the Christmas tree dismantled and the ornaments packed away for another year. We had a real, live tree for a couple of years, with the intention of keeping it in the garden and bringing it into the house every Christmas, but for some reason we never discovered, both these trees just died. I recall when I lived at the farm in Cardington that we had a live tree which was planted out each year and bought in to be decorated and that lasted for years. I think it probably got too big and was left to grow in the garden. Maybe that was the answer; plant it out and take it out of it's pot. Maybe ours got pot-bound or something or even the fact they don't like being put out after the Christmas period.

Yesterday was really over-cast and foggy. I went to church on my own as Carol wasn't feeling too well. I had to scrape of ice from the windscreen as I was about to drive out of the estate. The car is desperate for some work doing on it, particularly getting the windscreen wipers repairs. We need to find someone who can do it at a reasonable price. 
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