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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Under the Weather

I'm not feeling too well this morning. It feels as if I'm going to have a cold. You know the feeling- a bit shivery and your muscles ache. I think just a day in bed may help.  Both dogs are really surprised I'm not following my usual routine, but both of them will be upstairs with me and make sure I'm O.K. I'm actually writing this blog sitting up in bed. It's surprising how the dogs can tell when you're not well. They seem to have a sense which detects illness.

It's a rather over-cast day. At 8.15 it was really quite dark, more like early evening. As I write this at 9.45 the sun is attempting to come out. It's surprisingly mild temperature-wise. No need to put the central heating on today.

Carol was about to drive away from  the house when I noticed she had left the bunch of keys and her I.D. card for the Academy in the bedroom. I rushed down stairs and waved the keys through the door. She came to collect them. She wouldn't have been able to get in to the Academy without them as you need the 'swipe' card to open the gate when you drive your car in. No, it's not a 'swipe' card. You just press it onto the device at the gate and it opens. Or that's what it's supposed to do. Also, you can't move around the Academy building without such a card as many doors require a card to get through. She came home yesterday evening and said she was cold. There hadn't been any heating on all day. Crazy when you consider it's a relatively new building which is supposed to have all the latest technology in it. Can't be that difficult to heat a modern building and actually care for the staff who have to work in it.
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