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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Immigration Enforcement Officers In Eaglestone

I just went into the kitchen to do some washing-up at the sink at around 9.15 this morning, when I looked out of the window and saw three vehicles parked in the road immediately in front of our house. One is a police car and two of them are mini-busses with 'Home Office' and 'Immigration Enforcement' emblazoned along their sides. As I looked I couldn't but notice around eight or ten police officers walking into one of the side closes off Golden Drive. So one puts two-and-two together and thinks 'what on earth is going on?' Is someone going to be arrested for being an illegal immigrant or something? Or a gang of people going to be bundled into the mini-busses and be driven off to be interrogated?  Are they going to end up in Yarlswoood  Immigration Detention Centre? Which is just outside Bedford and only a few miles away from Milton Keynes? I am keeping a keen eye on developments and will post on here as things unfold.

A little later. . .

I didn't see exactly what happened later on during the morning. I saw two police officers come out of the close and drive away in the police car. The two Immigration Enforcement vehicles had gone when I next looked out of the window, so I can't saw what happened as regards anyone being detained, carted off in hand-cuffs, or whatever. Maybe there'll be something in the local press, the Milton Keynes Citizen, the B.B.C.'s local television news programme "Look East" or I.T.V. Anglia's "About Anglia."
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