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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Doctor's Appointment

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. It had been originally booked to be at 4.40, but during yesterday morning Dr Haye range me to ask me if I could come to an earlier appointment, at 3.50, as he had a free appointment so I went earlier. Having checked in on the computer I saw that the system was still showing the earlier appointment and as it was rapidly approaching the time of  newly arranged appointment I went back to the receptionist's desk and asked the receptionist to check that I was booked in on the system. It seemed that I was. I think she sent a message to Dr Haye to say that I had arrived. As it happened I didn't actually get called into his surgery until 4.10-15. He has reviewed my repeat prescription medication and most are fine but when I mentioned the muscle pain in my stomach, arms and legs which seems to have got worse over the past couple of weeks he suggested that it might be caused by the Pravastatin, so he suggested I stop taking it for a couple of weeks to see if it stops the muscle cramps/pain. I don't expect it will ease off very quickly as I have been taking Pravastatin for several years now. I just hope it does and the other side-effects wear off, such as preventing me getting to sleep at night. He gave me a couple of prescriptions which I then took to the pharmacy which is along from the surgery and had them made up and then I drove home.
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