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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parcel Arrives

The elusive parcel arrived from Very. At around 6.30. We were in the middle of watching 'Broadchurch' on catch-up. The parcel remained unopened for most of the running time of the programme, but then Carol couldn't resist for long and insisted on opening and taking out the contents. We then had to assemble the Vax steam cleaner, 'Home Master', and try it out which meant we didn't concentrate hard on the programme which is a pity. We had to try out the machine and cleaned some of the carpet in the lounge and experimented on cleaning the sofa. Seemed quite effective. Good as it uses steam and no chemicals. I have since been cleaning the floor in the kitchen and I'm shocked at how much dirt is coming off. We have been mopping the floor regularly and it would appear that most of the dirt is only going to be removed with the steam machine, so very impressed by it's efficiency.

Having taken Carol to work I later went to Ashfield Medical Centre in Beanhill and queued up  in order to get a doctor's appointment (although I was the second person in the queue, so I'm glad I went when I did. No rain, snow or generally unpleasant conditions to stand outside at 7.45 a.m. on a February morning.) I managed to get an appointment with Doctor Haye at 4.40 this afternoon. I have a longer appointment as I have several things to mention, one of them being my review of my medications as I had a note on my package of meds from Sainsbury's pharmacy when I collected it last week, informing me that I needed to see my doctor for a review before I could have my next repeat prescription, hence the appointment today.
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