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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Brown Bird

The little brown bird is a regular visitor to our garden. It's been several times before, we've noticed. It seems to trust us, for whatever reason. Maybe the garden is a good source of food. As the neighbour's two cats are often hanging around somewhere as well as our two dogs, it is certainly putting it's life in  serious danger. When the dogs see the cats, they start off on a mad barking spree. One of the cats is very crafty. It knows well enough that the dogs can't reach it so it sits on either the shed roof or the fence and keeps peering into the lounge window to see what reaction it's having on the dogs. It is almost as if it's drawing them into a fight, but it's clear which side would win. I don't think Alfie would be able to cope with all the claws and teeth if it came to a one-to-one fight. Thinking about it, I think he'd probably run in the opposite direction if it really came to it. He's not the bravest of little dogs, even though he makes a lot of noise. This cat came very close to the window the other evening, sitting on the neighbour's fence and clearly staring into the room through the window. 

I think perhaps the little bird is either a blackbird or a thrush. It is probably part of a pair and they're in the process of nest-building, in preparation for a brood of chicks. The nest is perhaps built in a hedge or tree somewhere along the edge of the Redway which runs behind our house.
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