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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Car Fails It's MoT

As I mentioned in the last post, our Hyundai Atoz was due for it's MoT over the next month or two. I had managed to book it in to have a service and MoT at Brake and Service World (T and H) where we have usually taken our vehicles for repairs, servicing and MoT's. It wasn't due to go until 11.30 a.m. so we didn't need to get up too early. The idea was that it would be tested first and then any faults that came up could be rectified to get it through a re-test. We knew it wasn't going to get through as the windscreen wipers didn't work (both front and rear) as well as a possible tyre as one at the rear is always needing taking to the local  Shell petrol station in Grafton Street to have air put in. I think this may be caused by all the speed bumps around our estate as well as the poor quality of the road surfaces around the Milton Keynes grid roads. We managed to get the car to the service centre (along Watling Street not far from the MK Stadium) by around 11.15. We had to ring for a taxi on my mobile and were soon home. Then we had to wait for the garage to phone to let us know how the car had fared in the MoT. But over an hour later they ran and unfortunately the news was not good. It failed on a lot of points: headlamps aim beam incorrect, windscreen wiper not operating, windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid, stop lamp not working, exhaust has minor leak, rear brake pipe corroded and several more. Having spent around £700 last year to get the car through it's MoT it would be crazy to spend more money on getting it through it's latest test. As it is only worth around £800-£1000 we would in effect throwing good money at it, which, unfortunately we don't have at the moment. We are also in the position that we can't raise a loan for a new car, due to what situation we were left in financially due to Sam's interference with our bank account around 5 years ago (mentioned in far greater detail in an earlier post on here.) So we now have a car which has around 10 day's life left in it, now sitting on our drive. But fortunately we are in a position that we don't need a car if we can manage as Carol's work is so close and we really only need the car to get to the supermarket once a week. We can manage without until our financial situation improves and we can always do our grocery shopping online as we have done before and get it delivered. We also have two bicycles as well and as for church, that is only a fairly short walk away. I get free bus usage so we can get half our fares for nothing so we can get around Milton Keynes and further fairly easily.
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