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Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Fence . . . Possibly? . . . Honestly?

We had a phone call the other evening from our beloved landlord. Someone is going out to see us regarding the fence, after 6 p.m. on Saturday. I was under the impression that he was coming with this person, or persons. We panicked because the house wasn't entirely 100% clean. I have been doing a certain amount of cleaning myself, using the Vax steam cleaner in some of the rooms. A very efficient form of cleaning I must say and all without having to use any sort of chemicals, additional materials etc such as detergent, liquid etc.

Yesterday morning we went to D.W. Fitness for  swim, not having been for a few weeks. We didn't need to go shopping as I'd done a good grocery shop in Sainsbury's on Friday morning. Afterwards we needed something to eat and were going to go to Marks and Spencer's which have a branch near the Milton Keynes football stadium (opposite where D.W. Fitness is in the new shopping mall.) When we got there we realised that most likely they wouldn't have we wanted so went to Waitrose in Oakgrove, a relatively short drive from or house down Chaffron Way. Having a My Waitrose card means you can have a free tea or coffee, but if you want to make use of this free offer and drink it in the cafe there you now have to buy some food to consume with it. We now learn that we can both have the free tea or coffee but at the moment we only have ONE card. If Carol applies for one and has one as well we can both take advantage of this offer. Usually a supermarket loyalty card can only be applied for and owned by the household as a whole and not as individual shoppers so this is quite a surprise. As it turned out we had one or two other items to purchase and Carol decided we needed a new phone, this one being a wireless model which means we can use it anywhere in the house and not just in the hallway.

We got home and spent most of the rest of the morning cleaning the house until it was spotless. It turned out that the landlord didn't arrive after 6 p.m. Instead it was the workman who came to see the fence back in July last year. It wasn't made clear when the landlord telephoned as to whether he was visiting, so we spent the morning cleaning the house for nothing, but as it turned out the house had a spring clean which it did need. Panic over. We have been told that the fence will be repaired sometime this week, although I for one won't believe this until I see it done, as you can imagine.
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