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Friday, May 01, 2015

Claiming On Car Insurance

We have been told that we ought to claim on our car insurance for the 'accident' to the car in the pot-hole and the broken E.S.P. (Electronic Stability Program.) I rang Swinton after 9 this morning and they gave me the claimline number to ring. I duly rang the number and then had the usual long wait you get on a callcentre number.  It was really difficult hearing what the man was saying as you could quite clearly hear other agents talking. It makes you wonder if your personal details can be overheard by other people ringing the number. I'm afraid it's not very private in that case. After the umpteenth reminder from the mechanical and electronic woman telling me 'all our agents are busy . . .' I gave up. The awful pop music they insist on shoving down your ear 'ole is enough to send you nuts, so I went away. Drove to the local shop to get credit for the electricity and gas using the key for electricity (which still had around £8 left on it) and gas, which goes on a smart card (around £9.) I suppose we are using less of both since the weather has improved and the clocks moved forward. I eventually went back on the phoneline and had to give more details of how the incident occurred. We could claim on the Council for not keeping the potholes on the road repaired, but in all honesty I can't see the point as we're never going to find the exact pothole and then they'll deny all responsibility for it, so it won't be worth the time and effort so it may just go on the car insurance. As it is we will have to pay the first £350. Which makes you wonder why on earth you pay all that out on insurance when the company doesn't pay the full cost of repair.

It's another fine and sunny day. But even with the sun out there is still a chill in the air. I just hope it remains fine and sunny over the weekend. Monday is another Bank Holiday. So we must make the most of the weather and get out and visit somewhere or other.
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