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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Car Back from Perry's

I got a telephone call from Perry's mid-morning to say that they'd done a diagnostic test on the Peugeot. The car needs a new part. I was told, but to be honest I'm still none the wiser as to how the E.S.P. system works. I was somewhat shocked to learn that this part would cost a little over £500, and that wouldn't include the labour. So I had to email Carol and we've decided that, as it's not going to effect the safety of the car we'd pay the cost of the diagnostic test, which was £114, and save up and get the E.S.P. part replaced in a couple of months when we get the car serviced. We were told that it would be illegal to disconnect the thing from the car and that it was a requirement of the MoT that it works properly. As I've said before, the more complex they make cars, what with computerised this and that, there is so much more that can and does go wrong and you can only take a particular brand of car to a specialised car dealer-ship as they only have the equipment to deal with specific problems. I booked a taxi and went to collect the car at lunchtime and paid the bill. Just annoying that this should happen barely six weeks after we bought the car, but that's the way things seem to pan out, you just have to live with it when you own a car.
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