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Friday, June 26, 2015

Car Wheel Comes off

Carol came home and told me something that had happened to one of our former house guests. Brian had had new tyres put on his car and then, when he'd been driving along the A5 one of the wheels came off his car. It's a wonder he didn't have a serious accident as a result, or his car was damaged really badly. I just hope he goes back to wherever it was that the wheel was replaced and the company is sued for the damage caused. It seems someone, a mechanic who should have known the correct way to replace a car-wheel is trained in the correct way to do the job. We saw Brian when we arrived in the carpark at the Academy this morning and he seemed fine, but nevertheless it must have been quite a scary incident as he must have been driving at considerable speed when this happened.

It's been very hot today. But when I came out of the house to go over to collect Carol as I usually do at 3.30 this afternoon it was raining, so instead of walking, I went in the car. By the time I got across and into the carpark it had stopped raining. As I write this it is 11.50 and I'm downstairs in the lounge as it's very warm and it's difficult to sleep. Hence I'm writing this blog post, which is the 660th. 
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