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Monday, June 29, 2015

Watching Channel 4 Drama Series "Humans"

I'm currently watching the new Channel 4  sci-fi drama series "Humans." I'm really enjoying this.  At last something to really get your teeth into. It certainly has the 'can't-wait-to-see-the-next-episode' element to it. If you don't know what it's about, it's set in a sort of parallel 'now' where 'synths' or robots, which are incredibly life-like, are used to do the dirty-work that humans don't like doing. It's got an element of "Blade Runner" about it, with a police force on-hand to deal with rogue 'synths' when they go wrong. It does pose the question, how do we interact with technology and how do we allow it to control our lives? It is actually based on a Swedish television series and hopefully it will be re-commissioned for a second series. It deserves it. It has a real scary feel to it, and at several points in the last episode you are left asking, which are the humans, and which are the 'synths'?' Good to see Colin Morgan, who played Merlin in the BBC1 show "Merlin." It seems to allow him more depth of character than he was allowed in the earlier show, which was cancelled.
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