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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tidying The Garden

I have spent some time this morning tidying the garden, front and back, clipping the long grass along the fence as well as lopping the straggling bramble branches. These, in particular, are very tough and they take a good deal of effort to cut off. The thorns are very sharp and if you're not careful you get your hands and fingers snagged on them as well as your clothes. I managed to put most of the rubbish either in the wheely bin at the front of the house or over what remains of the fence and into the area behind and running alongside the Redway. As it's organic material it will rot down naturally. I have cut the untidy grass which has grown up along the front of the house and under the kitchen window as well as pulling up the weeds which have grown between the paving slabs. Fortunately it was dry when I began this work, but it is now raining (1.40 p.m.) so I'm pleased I did this work when I had the opportunity. As they say 'make hay while the sun shines.' Never was a saying more appropriate, although I wasn't exactly making hay, but near enough with all the grass.

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