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Monday, August 17, 2015

Walk To Church On Sunday Morning

We awoke a good deal later than we usually do yesterday morning. No doubt due to all the cleaning we have done over the past couple of days, due to our landlord's visit to inspect the house. As a result we had our breakfast too late to get to the 9 a.m. service at M.K.C.C.  (Milton Keynes Christian Centre.) so we went to the 10.45 one instead. We walked along the Redway because the car has been out of action for the past week due to breaking down on the M1. Actually a very pleasant walk along the with the sun out and noticing along the way the blackberries ripening rapidly in the hedgerows. It will soon be time for me to pick them. A very lively service, as usual. Two speakers this morning, as part of the series "Have You Heard The One About . . ." on the Parables of Jesus. The first on "The Pharisee and The Tax Collector" and the second on "The Great Banquet." It was interesting to compare the earlier service we usually go to with this middle one. It was a good deal fuller. Infact, I think it was a 'full house.' I don't think I could see any empty seats. 'Discovery Kids,' the children's church which is usually on at the same time as the service in the main auditorium, was not on as it's closed during August, so all the children who normally would go there were in, but it was surprisingly undisturbed, no babies or children making too much noise, or not that I noticed. Infant it was fuller than I would have expected as I would imagine most people would have been on holiday. A further walk back home. It takes no more than 25 minutes to do the walk. We are actually deciding that not having the car at the moment does have benefits because we are getting some very good exercise. It's surprising how lazy having a car can make you because it's so easy to just get the car out to drive even the shortest of distances, for example, to the local shops, either at Eaglestone or Coffee Hall and it's not just ourselves who get the exercise because if we take the two dogs they also get some exercise.
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