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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Landlord and Wife Inspect the House

We spent a good deal of the day making last-minute cleaning efforts to the house. We were expecting our landlord to appear sometime after 4 p.m. as he had rung back to say that he'd come to inspect the house today after 2 and then rang to say it would be after 4. As it turned out, their car arrived around 3.25 and I had only just Hoovered the carpet in the lounge and Carol had been asleep upstairs when they drew up outside the house. She had only just woken up and came downstairs as I was about to make tea. Both mugs of the freshly-brewed tea remained on the worktop near the kettle as our landlord entered with his wife. Nothing untoward came from their visit which lasted all of 10 minutes, except a comment that the 'grass needs cutting' which had actually only been done on Monday as well as some Strimming yesterday was well as clearing some of the brambles and weeds as mentioned in the last blog post. We have to have the boiler checked for safety (a legal requirement of all landlords of rented property) which should be checked and certificated annually and the landlord said he would find someone qualified to inspect gas installations to do the check. Nothing further to report and so they left, no doubt to not be seen for another year, although they did say that they would sort out the fence for us which is now in a perilous state of repair (they had promised this last July and nothing further has been done about it.)
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