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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Unseasonal Weather

This is blog post number 690.

The weather is playing all sorts of tricks at the moment. Nothing unusual for weather in Britain. It has gone from cold and over-cast over the last seven days or so to being  really hot yesterday. We stayed in the house. We couldn't go anywhere because of the car being out of action (as it is likely to be for at least another week, until we can get it repaired.) It was so hot last night we had to have the bedroom window open and the fan on. Not such an easy environment to sleep in, what with the dogs barking as they could hear all sorts of noises outside as the open window bought in no end of extraneous sounds. Then, this afternoon, after we'd been to church, going to the 9 a.m. service at M.K.C.C. and walking there and back, there was a torrential rainstorm. No thunder or lightening, but quite a heavy storm nonetheless. It is a good deal cooler as I write this (8.52 p.m.) on Sunday Evening. Let's hope it remains cool all night so we get  decent sleep.

Thankfully I managed to mow the grass at the back of the house early on Saturday morning. the grass-cutting was the only thing the landlord who visited us for a house inspection the Saturday before, could mention. The house was immaculately clean so neither he nor his good lady-wife could fault our cleanliness. As regards the fence, there seemed a glimmer of hope that it might be repaired but I doubt anything will be done as he continues to make endless excuses as regards cost. Just a cheapskate. Considering how much we pay in rent, it's wouldn't hurt the man to spend what it takes to repair the fence. In all honesty, a certain percentage of the rent should go on maintenance. Even if it was £20 a month, which isn't much when you think about it, over the four years or so we've lived here, works out around £980, which would be more than enough to buy a decent fence instead of having to put up with the tumble-down wreck we currently have to put up with. I think if I owned a house and rented it out and the fence was in such a disgraceful state of dis-repair I'd want it fixed as it's just an eyesore and an embarrassment.
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