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Monday, September 28, 2015

Feeling Sick This Morning

I'm not one to go over-board when I'm not feeling very well. Unlike some people who seem to make a great deal of fuss over being ill, for whatever reason, to get attention or even to get to the front of the queue at the doctor's reception desk. I had a chesty cough a few weeks ago and it seems to have left it's mark. I just can never seem to get rid of these nasty coughs and as a result I've had a very tight chest. As I've mentioned in one of my very earliest blog posts on here, where I describe what lead up to my heart attack, the weeks before that incident I had bronchitis which really drained me. So it is with this present bout of cold/flu.  It was very difficult to actually differentiate the pain and discomfort of the bronchitis with the pain of my heart attack. It can also be similar to having heart burn. I think that other people have described the pain of their heart attack as being similar to heart burn. Any sort of chest discomfort is bound to have some sort of concern for anyone with a heart condition and no more so when that condition has lead to a heart attack (M.I. or myocardial infarction to give it the correct medical name.) All the coughing I have been doing has probably caused a muscle to be pulled in my chest and it's really uncomfortable and very similar to an  extreme angina attack or even a heart attack. Any sort of strenuous activity such as walking, which we've been doing a fair amount of since the car has been off the road, can bring this pain on. I have been using my G.T.N. spray (Glyceryl Trinitrate spray.) which you use by spraying under your tongue (hence being described as 'sublingual.') which I have on repeat prescription and it doesn't seem to relieve this pain and so seems even more likely that this is brought on by continued coughing. Things are also not improved by constant running to the toilet (I'm not going into any more detail as you'd be pleased to hear.) But I think if this discomfort continues for any length of time I will have to make a doctor's appointment. But as I write this (at 7.57 a.m.) I have none of the discomfort. I write this sitting up in bed with both our dogs totally confused as I'm not downstairs in the lounge as usual at this time of day and their routine has been completely turned upside down. Alfie is sitting with me on the bed keeping me company. He is a very loyal little dog and follows me around wherever I am in the house.

I have run out of the isoborbide mononitrate tablets which are supposed to help relieve angina pain. It's not like me to run out of any of my medication as I'm usually very good at keeping a track of what  I'm taking as well as re-ordering. Which I will do later this morning when I ring up Sainsbury's pharmacy to do the repeat prescription order for the month.

The day has begun with fog, but it has cleared as the morning has progressed and the sun is attempting to break through. I did managed to see the Blood Moon last night as well as the partial eclipse, although I was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get the large moon we were supposed to get. The moon appeared a lot smaller than I was expecting. I tried in vain to get a photograph with our digital camera but it didn't work. Perhaps I needed to put the camera on the tripod and use a longer exposure or something.
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