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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Foggy Morning

It's what I would call a very typical autumn morning, cold, foggy with definite chill in the air. There were cobwebs picked out with early-morning dew on the bridge sides on the Redway across Saxon Street as Carol and I walked to the Academy this morning. I had considered taking the digital camera and photographing them as they are quite impressive but then wondered how I would achieve the best pictures when you would have to film with such a difficult background to make them stand out, so I haven't tried, although I may at some time in the future if I see them again.

Carol has a late night working at the Academy today. Something to do with parents coming in to talk about their children's education, but not sure exactly what.

It's hard to believe that it's almost blackberry-picking season again. There will be a good crop of blackberries where I usually go to pick them all along the Redway behind our house. As we have a much bigger fridge/freezer now, as a result of having to replace the old one which broke down a few months ago when we came back from our day out at Twycross Zoo, there should be more than enough space to put bags of blackberries to freeze. The landlord came to inspect the house a couple of weeks ago and didn't even notice that the fridge/freezer had been replaced. I should also mention that we had a surveyor come to check the house because the landlord is having the property re-mortgaged. We're still not sure what this is about, whether it's to have work done on the various maintenance bits-and-pieces that are needed, such as repairing the garden fence. But he assures us that 'there's nothing to worry about.' So we'll just have to trust him. But I still can't see why it has to take so long to sort out the fence.

I have had a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions about my State Pension. I'm surprised by how much it will be per week. It should certainly make our finances a bit more easy from the end of October (I get the first payment on 28 October which is a week after my birthday.) It means we will be able to afford a decent holiday next year at least. It's certainly a relief as I wasn't sure how much it was going to be. I set this up a few months ago 'on-line' and wasn't sure what was happening as I hadn't received any sort of acknowledgement, an email or letter, so when the letter arrived in the post yesterday it was something of a relief.
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