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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Visit to Milton Keynes Centre

We were again without our car so we went by bus into the Milton Keynes Central Shopping Centre. It's surprising how quickly you can get there. We were at the bus stop around 9.15 on Saturday morning. We walked through the entrance near John Lewis and then towards Cafe Nero as we needed some sort of refreshment. I am currently in the process of looking for a new mobile phone and want a 'smart' model, touch-screen and capable to being able to use apps on it, so we went into the 3 store near W.H. Smith's. We looked at a wide variety of models, particularly Samsung Galaxy mobiles, but to be honest it's a difficult decision to make as you not only have to decide which model to go for but then to choose the tariff, pay-as-you-go or pay monthly. I think it would make a change to have a contract as it means not having to buy credit and putting it on the mobile each month. I think that in the end a pay-monthly mobile package would be better, but it depends on whether we get through the credit check, because our credit rating has been virtually non-existent due to what Sam did to our bank account more than 5 years ago. As we have now managed to pay off all that debt there is a far better chance of us being accepted. We'll just have to wait and see. We have left the choice until the New Year as we have other things to sort out before we get involved in anything financial such as a mobile contract. The motor mechanic is coming on Monday evening to start work on the car, although he won't be able to finish the work until well into October as he is going away on holiday so won't be able to complete the work until he gets back.

We walked slowly towards Marks and Spencer at the far end of the shopping centre. We did look at the £10 meal offer in their foodhall, but won't that impressed, so we decided to continue our way to Sainsbury's near the Hub. Not too far from the main shopping centre. I had to pick up a repeat prescription from the pharmacy and we completed our shopping which filled three re-usable bags and then I rang for a taxi which came within around 10 minutes and were whisked home and we unpacked our groceries and then collapsed on the sofa and bed as it was quite a tiring outing involving a fair amount of walking.

Today (Sunday) neither of us felt up to walking to church, unfortunately. But there is an alternative, meaning we can still catch the services even though we won't be able to visit. It's now possible to watch a 'live' feed directly from Milton Keynes Christian Centre, using your computer. I'm surprised how clear and un-fuzzy the picture is, as well as the sound, although this morning it did freeze for a few seconds a couple of times.
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