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Monday, October 05, 2015

Autumnal Day, Grass Mowing and Car Repairing Continues

This is not a particularly exciting blog post, I'm afraid. It's one of those really nodescript sort of days. We've had several weeks of fine, sunny weather, but today it seems somewhat over-cast. No sun at all. The weather forecast mentions rain in the next couple of days, as well as wind. I have managed to cut the grass. I was out at 7.45 this morning and managed to do precisely half, left it, and then decided to finish it off about an hour later. I wasn't going to leave it too long just in case it began to rain. The length of the grass was getting long so it seemed a good idea to get on with cutting it before it was too long for the mower to get through it. So, it is done. I haven't done the grass at the front of the house, but no doubt Gary will come round when he does their grass next door. His is a petrol mower and makes very short work of the mowing, whereas ours is an electric mower and not really designed for such long grass. You can't cut grass when it's either wet or raining because it's dangerous to use anything electric when there's a hint of moisture and if the grass is too wet the mower gets clogged up.

A good deal later. I had a text message. I knew it had come in, because I heard the sound the mobile made, but I was downstairs in the lounge and the mobile was upstairs on the bedside cabinet. I didn't immediately rush upstairs to see what the text message was, because we get so many junk texts for such things as having solar panels fitted to PPI claims, so I didn't see the actual text until I went upstairs a good deal later. It was from Mick the motor mechanic to say he'd be round to continue with the car repair this evening, weather permitting. I must say just seeing that, and knowing that the car will soon be back on he road, has cheered me up no end. It has been a good eight weeks since the car broke down on the M1 and we had to be taken off by rescue truck. Just thinking we'll be able to get out and about again is good news, particularly as my first grandchild is due to be born in the next couple of weeks so we'll want to visit when he/she makes an appearance so having the car working will enable us to travel to Worcester.

As it turned out, due to the rain, Mick didn't do any work on the car. He says he'll come back on Wednesday and Sunday to do the work and, hopefully, if the weather isn't wet, or, at least not too wet, he and his son should be able to finish of the work.
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