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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spider-Rescue and Sunny Walk

I walked to Netherfield to shop at the Co-op there. We still have no car, so there was no alternative as we needed some bits for our evening meal. We've done an on-line shop with Sainsbury's earlier this morning and it should be delivered mid-morning tomorrow. I was busy selecting the bits and pieces for tonight in the Co-Op when I got round to the chilled food section. A member of the staff, a lady who I usually see on the tills in there, shrieking and running away. A young man was pointing into the chiller unit and under a box of pizza I saw a large spider. He seemed totally reluctant to deal with it so I said I'd get rid of it. I said, 'go and find me a cloth or duster and I'll remove it for you.' He went off to the back-office or storeroom and came back with a piece of blue paper towel which I then used to pick up the spider and then had to take it to the front door of the shop and drop the spider out of the cloth onto the pavement outside. What was all the fuss about? A perfectly harmless spider that was quite large but wasn't going to bite anyone. Never mind. But it was a bit wet and pathetic. Why did I entitle this post 'Spider-rescue?' Was I rescuing the spider so the two people didn't have to deal with it? Well, yes. But I think I was rescuing the spider because it had to be in the same space as two really drippy humans. I quite like spiders.  They really don't bother me so being able to remove the said spider in a carm and peaceful manner was all it needed. It was somewhat passive and didn't want to move, no doubt because it had been in the chilled section.  Somewhat lethargic due to the cold. It didn't move a single inch as I would have expected if it had been in a warmer area of the store. It might have been as it has been sunny today.

Walking along the Redway towards Netherfield I'm really shocked by how much litter there is. I can't believe how people can just fling their rubbish into the bushes along the path. A lot more blackberries to pick and it looks as if council workers have been clearing the undergrowth under the bushes and trees. A lot of trees have their leaves turning a wide variety of colours. Autumn is definitely here.

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