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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Whipsnade At The Weekend

The past few days have been miserable, weatherwise. Rainy, overcast and thoroughly unpleasant. So, for Carol, not an auspicious start to her week off for Half-Term. It was my 65th birthday on Thursday, not something I was over-keen to celebrate. I don't make too much of my birthdays generally. And I don't really want or need to make too much of this particular birthday. I'm intending buying myself a really decent digital camera but it may have to wait until the New Year. We've got two reasonably good Fuji cameras but we want to up-grade to more sophisticated models as the Fujis are good but somewhat basic and showing signs of their age. D.S.L.R's are in order which should mean that we can be a little more imaginative with our photography. I'm looking at a Canon and Carol has her eye on an Olympus. I owned a traditional film camera made by Olympus at one time so I can vouch for the quality of Olympus as a camera brand to be trusted. As for Canon, I have owned one of their printers and it was excellent and their cameras do have a quality that goes without saying.

On Friday we had our annual 'flu jabs. I get mine free on the N.H.S. as I have a heart condition and usually have this done at our surgery in Beanhill, Ashfield Medical centre, and they had clinics on the past two Saturdays, but we couldn't get to the first one due to not having the car repaired in time and Carol had booked her own 'flu jab at Sainsbury's pharmacy, but when we went in to book it we were told that hers could be done, free, as she has been recently diagnosed as diabetic so we arranged to have both done there, for free on the N.H.S. Carol had a teacher-training day on Friday and so, when she got home we drove in to Sainsbury's and did some shopping before having the 'flu jabs done. 

Saturday was generally miserable so there was no point in going out in the car. We want to look at digital cameras so decided to drive to Curry's what used to be the hockey stadium (now replaced by probably the most ugly building, the new head-quarters of Railtrack. Who ever came up with the design should be ashamed of themselves. It really is an eyesore. One side looks as if it's got huge towel-rails all over it and the building is constructed of huge Lego bricks. As it turned out, Currys (which also incorporated with P.C.World) is now merging with Carphone Warehouse so the store wasn't fully operational as they are re-fitting it. So it was a bit of a waste of a journey. We then drove over to Tesco at Kingston as we thought we could look at cameras there, but were disappointed by the very poor selection of cameras. Basic in the extreme. We did some shopping and then went home. I think we might end up buying the cameras in either Jessops or John Lewis.

The clocks changed over-night. At 2 a.m. For what reason? I can understand it being on a Sunday morning, but why 2 a.m. Why not at midnight? A right pain as it's difficult enough setting my digital watch. It's one of those watches which has it's time kept correct by a radio signal from an atomic clock in Rugby so you don't need to keep checking to keep the time correct, so, why can't it alter the time when the time moves either back or forward in autumn and spring?

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, so we made the effort to get out in the car and drive to Whipsnade zoo and make the most of our membership. We weren't disappointed because we saw more animals than we might have done if it had been a bright and hot summer's day and got some really excellent photographs. We drove in and went round in the car which is another benefit of membership. It was really busy so no doubt we weren't the only people making the most of the weather. We took our own food and ate it in the car so that saved us some money.
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