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Monday, November 30, 2015

Car Repair and Storm Clodagh

You may recall that back in the summer when we had visited Ascott and the incident with the pot hole which damaged the car and set the alarm off which turned out to be something called the E.S.P. (Electronic Stability Programme). Well, today the car went to Perry's in Bletchley to have the work done to repair the said item. It went over to their workshop at 8 a.m. and was completed by 10. I was then informed that they couldn't release the car until the insurance company who were paying for the work paid the balance which would take at least two hours so I was given a lift home and as I write this I'm still waiting for them to telephone me to tell me that they have been paid so I can get a taxi booked to return to collect the car. Complicated? It is somewhat, and annoying to say the least.

At very nearly 3.30 I have still heard nothhing back from Perry's as regards the insurance company paying them the cost of the repair, even though they assured me they'd ring at around 2 p.m. to let me know. Getting somewhat annoyed about the whole incident.

Today has been very windy and wet. Storm  'Clodagh' currently the cause of all this.Who chooses these names for storms and do we really honestly need to have them named?

4.30. Had a phone call from Perry's to say I can collect the car and pay the excess as they have still not heard from the insurance company. So I phoned to book a taxi and got to Perry's and paid the excess and got the young man who dealt with all the paperwork to re-set the digital clock on the car's dashboard and drove home. Mission accomplished.

No sooner had I got home than Carol came out of the house. She has been at home as she's not been well. I have explained the details of our early-morning visit to the Urgent Care Unit at the hospital. We have been attempting to get her a doctor's appointment without success so we drove to Ashfield Medical Centre and she managed to get an appointment within 10 minutes of arriving although the receptionist wanted us to go home so the doctor could ring us. What is the point of this new appointment-booking system? Why have a ring back when it takes so long to even get through to the surgery to MAKE any sort of contact? Just making life more complicated and stressful. So unnecessary for all concerned.
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