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Monday, November 09, 2015

Wet and Windy Weekend

After the warm and pleasant weather last weekend (see the preceeding post on here.), we had to endure wind and rain all this weekend. Added to that we had Hallow'een last Saturday, with people knocking on doors 'trick and treat-ing' which set both dogs barking. As it is, Poppy is scared stiff whenever there's a loud bang, such as a firework being let off, and Alfie just barks continually. It's not so much the fireworks being let off, it's the randomness of it. Hopefully it is now over for another year. Guy Fawkes night was on 5th November, so being mid week there weren't likely to be as many firework parties as there would be at the weekend, so either last weekend or the weekend just gone would have been when people would have them but I think that Hallow'een has superceded Guy Fawkes unfortunately. You can see by the amount of junk that the shops stock and how they are attempting to make it a big thing to boost sales. As a child I remember we used to make a big thing out of November 5th which included not only fireworks but a huge bonfire and lots to eat, such as potatoes in their jackets, cocoa, bonfire toffee and a whole host of warming food. Unless it's a big community event I don't think people have Bonfire Night partys any more which is a shame. Probably a lot  of this is because people are unaware of the significance of the Gunpowder Plot and the attempt to blow up parliament in 1605.
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