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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Changeable Weather

Yesterday was foggy. Early morning you could barely see a hand in front of your face. Similar to Sunday morning, but then the fog cleared and we had an amazingly hot day. But today it is fog-free. It's dull and overcast. One of those dull days. I can think of no other way to describe it. But then, saying that, it's surprisingly mild. It's the sort of day where it's difficult to know what to put on when you go outside. Not really cold enough to put on a heavy jacket or coat and not warm enough to do without a lighter jacket or coat, such as a fleece.

It looks as if the local shop has a new owner. I drove over to buy some jelly babies for Carol. (As she is diabetic she has them on hand just in case her sugar level drops and they have sufficient sugar in them to give the required boost.) The shelf units in the shop are different and the staff is different. It looks as if they've taken over and made an effort to shake things up. There seems more space between the shelves. I did wonder the last time I was in there but didn't look too closely.
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