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Friday, December 11, 2015

Putting It Together

I have mentioned in earlier posts on this blog about my writing. I have been developing a 'multi-strand' piece, set in a single location, with differing characters, and giving these characters their own individual story arcs. I have been struggling for some time with how I could link them together in a successful, cohesive fashion. I think I'm fairly positive how to do this, using a narrator, someone who observes the whole setting. I am now formulating a structure for the whole and writing material for this narrator. I will be leaving off working on this project over the Christmas and New Year period and will re-commence working on editing what I have already written in the New Year (I have a ring binder full of the material I have written up until now. I am very surprised by how much of this there is.)The ediing of written material is actually just as important as the writing. What you leave out is probably just as important as what you put in. So, the expression 'more is less' makes a lot of sense in some ways. Something you learn quite early on as you begin to write and develop your writing skills. It's a bit like acting, it's not always what an actor says and does, the unsaid things, body language, facial expressions etc etc which can be used to put across a whole host of emotions that are more telling in some ways than speech, used to develop a character on stage.
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