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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Rain, Rain! Go Away!

Storm Desmond has been raging across the north of England and into Scotland. We've been seeing some awful footage on the television news of homes being flooded, the misery caused by water damage, cars up to their roofs in water, people being rescued by boat from their front windows, boats being rowed down mains streets. It's quite awful. Luckily for us in Milton Keynes and most of the south of England we seemed to have escaped from this flooding. But overnight we've had heavy rain. We drove to Tesco at Oldbrook Boulevarde early this morning because Carol needed to get cash out of the A.T.M. as we're going to a restaurant with other  staff members of her department at Milton Keynes Academy for a Christmas meal and we have to pay a deposit. It should be a good evening out. It was raining heavily as we drove there. Whenever it rains we get a torrent or water running down the road in front of our house. The dogs are a little reluctant to go out in the garden when it rains. Alfie comes back in looking like a bedraggled rat. As his coat is long and naturally curly, whenever it gets wet it starts to get even curlier, making it look as if he's had a perm! He is in need of another grooming session so I will have to book another early in the New Year.
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