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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Boiler Woes Continue

We had hoped that by now we would have managed to contact our beloved landlord and got him to make some sort of decision about the repair of our central heating boiler. We had a phone number, which we were given by him when we transferred to renting the house directly from the landlord and away from the rental agency, but on attempting to ring the number we found that it was no longer working. After a few more attempts it would appear that he has a new number, much as we got a new telephone number when we went over to Sky from TalkTalk a couple of years ago. You would imagine that we would have been informed of the new number but obviously, they never thought it important enough to give us this new number. So we are still stuck without knowing what to do regarding the boiler, but still have an engineer coming on Friday morning. Then Carol discovered a business card from the plumber who she got through the Academy when we had to get the leak repaired (due to the landlord fouling up the installation of the washing machine, which is recalled in an earlier blog so need not be repeated here.) It would appear that this plumber will not look at the boiler without the landlord's permission, which means we are no further forward with this situation. As a result, of all this we are continuing to have no hot water for washing up, or baths etc etc., unless we boil kettles and saucepans and the house is freezing cold, although we have a very small electric fan heater for use in the lounge. We will have to see what the new week brings as regards resolving this situation.
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