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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Signs of Spring

Well, the weather may be somewhat undecided. One minute we have sun, the next it is raining and blowing a gale. But for all that, there are definite signs that spring is on the way. Where I parked the car when I drove into the Academy carpark at 3.30 on Friday afternoon there were catkins on the trees in front of the car. Definite signs of the trees coming into bud as well as primroses and snowdrops all along the road-sides around Milton Keynes. We drove over to Woburn and went trough the park to have a look at the deer, as we do on a regular basis. A pleasant enough drive and not too far our of Milton Keynes. About 15 minutes to get there. We went to Frost's Garden Centre in Woburn Sands to have a look round. It seems as if the place is in the process of being given a make-over. They recently did over the restaurant and it now looks as if the rest is being re-arranged. Some areas look a bit empty, but no doubt this is part of the make-over process. It's always a pleasure to visit and we had a coffee in the restaurant. Good quality food, coffee, cakes and a whole range of other items and Carol was pleased to find they had sugar-free biscuits on sale, some of which she purchased.

Kendra, the young lady who has been staying with us for the last month, has at last found a flat, which she is sharing with another young teacher from the Academy. The flat isn't too far from the Academy, in Oldbrook. We helped her move some of her stuff and went to IKEA the other day to buy bedding, towels and other items for the flat. She came back this afternoon with a car to say thanks for her accommodation and support and on opening it I found a £20 voucher for us to use for a meal in a Prezzo restaurant, so that's something for us to look forward to.
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