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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Mothering Sunday and Marathon

Sunday was Mothering Sunday. It has been re-branded or re-named 'Mother's Day' so as to fit in with the American style of naming. Why do we in Britain insist on being driven by what America does and says? Anyway, Carol didn't get any sort of card, flowers or even a phone call from either Sam or Daniel. I'm afraid I'm a little disappointed. Considering that almost every shop you go in has some sort of recognition of the day you can hardly not know it's coming up. I know I'm being cynical when I say it's just another commercial day, much like Valentine's, Hallowee'n, and all the other 'days' so that businesses can push more products, be it flowers, chocolates or a hundred-and-one other items. but never mind.

We couldn't get out in the car on Sunday morning as there was another Marathon in Milton Keynes and the runners came past our house. It wasn't for long, and we were warned well in advance. There was a large yellow sign up along the road and the club who ran it did put letters through everyone's door who lived on the route, so we had no excuse to not know. Our dogs don't really like their routines being altered, particularly Alfie, and they started barking loudly when they heard the runners coming past.  Carol picked up Alfie and let him see what was going on through the kitchen window. He seemed intrigued to see so many people.

We did go out later, in the car, once the Marathon was over. Carol was shocked to see someone in a car stop outside the Academy and pick some daffodils, which were growing on he grass outside, and then get back in the car and drive off. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Were these going to be  Mothering Sunday present? What a cheapskate? Do you mean to say this cheap individual couldn't be bothered to go and buy some flowers for his mum and had to pinch some from the side of the road? Almost as bad as stealing flowers of someone's grave! The we drove to Westcroft to try and find a replacement for the Comic Relief 'Giggling Ball' which Alfie loves and plays with happily. I We went into Jolley's but with no success, so we went next door to the Pricesaver store, or whatever it's called. The 'Giggle Ball 'is slowly coming to the end of it's life, so we have been attempting to find a replacement, without success. We did find a ball, made of plastic, into which you put treats, and it makes a sound when it's moved, and this allows your dog to work to get the treats out. Poppy seems to like it, and has been playing with it, pushing it along with her paw. She has shown no interest in the 'Giggling Ball.' As we got out of the car in the car park, there were lots of men walking along with bunches of flowers. I said to Carol 'It's a case of 'last-minute dot com.' Men who had forgotten to get their mothers flowers and needed to get some 'at the last minute.' Or else they wouldn't get their Sunday dinners, or something.
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