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Friday, June 24, 2016

E.U. Referendum and Brexit

I don't usually mention politics in my blog posts, but on this occasion, I feel I need to say something about today's events. All I can say is, thank goodness the E.U. Referendum is over. We've had around six weeks of squabbling, bitching, back-biting and thoroughly nasty behaviour, I did vote to remain, but we now know that the result is we'll be leaving the E.U.  Or, to use the horrible word 'Brexit' to refer to Britain Exiting from the European Union. It is no doubt as a result of Greece possibly leaving the E.U. and that being referred to as Grexit (Greek Exit.)It was a very narrow margin between both sides, which, had it been a General Election I imagine we'd have a government with a tiny majority of perhaps 10-15 seats. Well, it's the will of the people, so they'll have to go with the result. I have to say that the E.U. is it's worst enemy. It's just a huge faceless bureaucracy, very distant, and whenever there is any sort of news about it, it's always negative and makes the headlines in the tabloids, whether it's some health and safety issue or the fact that you can't sell bent cucumbers or some such pointless bit of red tape. And these are the things that get made into issues by the likes of the 'Euro-Sceptics' and the Nigel Farage's of this world. Thinking about it further, it does seem crazy in a way that we've been members of the E.U. for around 43 years and it seems mad to now leave it. It has its bad points but I think the good outweigh them. It was a very different organisation in 1975 when we had a referendum about whether we joined and I now learn that we had joined a few years before so why did the government of the day decide we needed a referendum to remain in? I don't think I had many ideas of what that referendum was about at the time and I don't think I had much interest in politics and don't remember voting. But it's a much bigger organisation with far more member countries (I think 27, I may be wrong, but around that number. I'll have to do a bit more research.) There was no single currency, The Euro and it was called the E.C. (European Community.) Up until then, it was always referred to as The Common Market. It's rather like being in a club, a union or even a marriage. You don't leave, or get divorced, just for the sake of it. Over something minor, you should sit down and sort out any differences because the good things outweigh the bad ones. There must be quite a few things in Britain that have been funded by E.U. cash, such as infrastructure, probably road repairs, tourism and education. So it will be interesting to see what this will mean when this cash dries up.

I don't usually continue writing a blog after it's published. But I feel I need to write a bit more on this subject. I have been reading that some people, who voted in last Thursday's Referendum (either to Remain or Leave the E.U.) are now saying, because they voted 'Leave', now wish they had voted 'Remain.' Well, are they totally stupid? How can you vote for something, which in this case is going to have ramifications for each and everyone living in the United Kingdom, and then turn round and say you didn't even know what the Referendum was about, and some people DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE E.U. WAS! It would seem that a great many people are more interested in their mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, celebrity and taking selfies of not only themselves but each other than the important issues, things that matter, such as politics, government etc etc. When we go out and about, visiting various places, such as National Trust properties, Whipsnade Zoo and generally to shopping centres and other places, we so often see people with their mobile phones, more interested in taking pictures of themselves rather than the place they visit. Why spend quite a bit visiting, for example, a zoo, and stand in front of an enclosure full of some of the most amazing animals and just take photos of THEMSELVES? It's narcissism gone mad! Then you see people walking around with their mobiles in their hands, and not engaging with the world around them, or others with headphones stuck over their ears. I have even seen people riding their bicycles whilst texting on a mobile or with headphones on. Isn't that dangerous? Aren't they more likely to get run over by a car or they walk in front of a vehicle on the road because they're not paying attention or can't hear a car approaching?

I've seen a piece which shows how much money the E.U. contributed to certain projects around the United Kingdom, for example, the Eden Project. I wonder whether that project would have gone ahead without the E.U. funding? So, where is the cash going to come from to fund other similar projects which create jobs and thus help the economy of this country?
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