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Monday, August 22, 2016

House Inspection Pending

We received a telephone call from our belovéd landlord the other evening. He's coming to visit. It's the annual inspection of the house. Instead of agreeing to him coming the next day, we told a little fib and said we were going on holiday (this was last Tuesday.) and that we wouldn't be back for a week. In fact, this gives us ample time to get the house clean and ready for his gracious arrival on Saturday evening. There can't be much to give him concern (apart from the roof of the garden shed, the fact that we've replaced the fridge/freezer and the washing machine. The fridge/freezer was replaced last year, which was recorded in one of these posts, and it was here when he last visited (around a year ago. The floor upstairs near the bathroom and the fact we spent our own cash on having the garden fence replaced and the plumbing done under the sink when we had a leak when the washing machine was being used) so he must have seen the fridge/freezer and not been aware. In fact I doubt very much if he even noticed that the thing wasn't the same one which was here when we moved in around six years ago. Not exactly the brightest button in the box, our landlord. Still, he does at least leave us alone, even though he isn't keen on spending anything on th house which might improve things. Never mind. We have begun our cleaning and this morning we have spent some time weeding the front area of the house outside which has got very over grown. I chopped down a rather nasty tree which keeps growing outside the front door and used the lopper I bought from Wickes for the purpose.
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