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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Landlord's Visit

We've been madly cleaning the house for about the past week. I don't think the house could be any cleaner. Every nook and cranny was dusted, polished, and dusted and polished again. You could almost eat your dinner off the floor (if you were so inclined.) We even cut the grass yesterday evening. It was just as well we did it then because it's been raining for most of the day. At one point we were resting on the bed and I was almost asleep. It was raining outside (just as well outside. But you get what I mean, or at least I hope so.) There was an almighty clap of thunder. I jumped, almost out of my skin, and Carol screamed. I have never heard such a loud clap of thunder. Both dogs jumped off the bed. Alfie hid underneath and I don't know where Poppy went. She hates thunder and fireworks even more so.  It continued to thunder and the rain became heavier. It was sounding something like a power-shower, as if it had to be turned up to the highest level. It didn't last too long and then the sun came out.

We got a telephone call a bit later from our landlord, just to check that we'd be at home. We were definitely going to be at home. I think it was to make sure we'd remembered that he was visiting at 6 o'clock. We certainly hadn't forgotten.

By 5.45 we were busily watching television. The waiting was getting too much. There was most definitely nothing else in the house to clean. I pushed the vacuum cleaner around the lounge. We had to get the dogs out of the house because the landlord's wife (who would also visit.) doesn't like dogs and it seemed a good idea to have both dogs out of the way. Carol suggested putting them in the garden, but when they were out there, Poppy began to bark- to be let back in. It was no use, she wasn't going to be stopped, so Carol suggested keeping Alfie outside and she'd put Poppy in the car, which is parked in its normal spot at the front of the house in its parking space. I put Alfie outside, back in the garden.  She scooped Poppy up and carried her to the car and at that exact moment the landlord and wife appeared in their car! I put Alfie back in the garden, because he had come in as soon as Carol picked up Poppy. Poor little dog kept peering in through the shut sliding door into the kitchen, almost pleading to be let back in, as if he'd done something wrong, when, of course, he hadn't.

They were given a guided tour of the house. Nothing to be bothered about. Each room visited a few comments. Very pleased. They were here no more than ten minutes, if that. Drove away. We were relieved it was all over. That's over for another year. 'Contact us if there's a problem' as they left the house.

I went out to the car to release Poppy. She wouldn't come out of the car. She just looked at me as if to say 'Aren't we going anywhere? I usually get in the car when we go off for a walk.' I had to half drag her out to get her back into the house. Crazy creature!
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