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Friday, September 30, 2016

Alfie- Trimmed!

Alfie has been in  desperate need of a trim at the grooming parlour. His coat grows quickly and needs trimming at least every six months or so. He gets a rather nasty matted bit on each of his eyes (I think most dogs seem to get this, for whatever reason.) Try doing this yourself and he growls. It must be rather uncomfortable if you do manage to remove it. I expect it stings. I had him booked in at Pets At Home in Bletchley this morning at 9 o'clock. I managed to get him into the cage in the back of the car without too much trouble. (How does he know that something is going on, even when I'm extra-careful to get the cage out of the spare bedroom and into the car, which I did yesterday afternoon, and have his lead in my trousers pocket where he couldn't possibly see it? He's so clever. I think he'd worked something out when I eventually got the lead on him.) I left at 8.40 which gave me more than enough time to get to the retail park at Bletchley. There were other dogs arriving with their owners as I parked the car opposite Pets At Home and then managed to get in at a little bit before 9. It was going to take the groomers an hour to do their work, so I decided to stay a the retail park as it wasn't really worth going home and then driving back, so I had a wander around T.K. Maxx to look at their selection of clothes and then got a coffee and bit of cake in Gregg's and sat in my car to eat and drink. Then, just before 10 I returned to Pets At Home. 

Alfie- after his grooming session today

There was a family with their large boxer dog waiting in the place where customers wait for their pets to be collected. I know it was best not to open the door (I could see this beast through the glass door.) and as the dog wasn't on its lead, I thought it best to wait as I didn't want to be responsible for it running off if I opened the door. Also, I was being careful not to let Alfie see me as he would respond with yapping and barking is he saw me. It could make the staff's job even more difficult if he began responding accordingly. I eventually got inside and saw Alfie and he looked really neat and tidy, with a bandana around his neck (which each customer's dog gets after they've been groomed. The last time he got a bow tie.) I paid and then we left, Alfie leading the way back to the car. We drove home and Alfie was silent. He does make a certain amount of noise when he first goes in the cage, making little yaps. I got him home and took the above photographs.  Not the easiest subject for a photograph. He just won't sit still. As soon as I get the camera out he seems to know he'll get attention. He kept coming towards the camera, which made it difficult to frame a decent shot. As you can see from the above photographs. Without his fringe, he can now see clearly and I have to say he looks a good deal tidier. Not too short because he needs his coat during the cold winter months.
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