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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

More Creative Writing

I'm currently following a creative writing book written by Chris Sykes, very imaginatively entitled "Complete Creative Writing Course (A Teach Yourself book, 2014). I am working my way through the various exercises within this book. It is similar to the Futurelearn course I did some while ago called 'Start Writing Fiction.' As part of the course, I have to find a location and then sit and describe it, rather in the fashion of a painter would paint a landscape, but, in this case it's in words. Not as easy as it might at first appear. I did my first one sitting in the Waitrose café. I chose that one because I had to go there for some shopping and also you can have a free coffee or tea if you have a My Waitrose card. Today I have done the second one, but this time, it was at the Ouzel Country Park at Woughton, and just off Chaffron Way. It has been a more or less perfect sunny day, although the day started off foggy, but this cleared by around 9.15, so it seemed perfect conditions for me to attempt this second exercise. It was no good it being wet or windy, or even very foggy. I spent around 30 minutes on the exercise and I think it went relatively well. I did a similar exercise as part of the FutureLearn course and on that occasion, I went to Sainsbury's cafe. 

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