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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Broken Glasses

I mentioned that I had my eyes tested a few posts back. I had intended getting new glasses made up from the prescription in a month or so's time, possibly in the New Year. At any rate, once the expenses of Christmas was out of the way. But, unfortunately, I managed to break my glasses yesterday. I don't know how, exactly, but I was clearing up a load of magazines and papers which are in a basket under the table I had next to my armchair in the living room, and somehow or other my glasses got dropped on the floor and when I picked them up I found that one of the arms (for want of a better word. I don't know what the correct term is for the arm that is joined to a pair of glasses and has the hook bit that goes over your ears.) got bent up in an awkward position. I attempted to bend it back carefully, but without success, because it broke off the main frame of the glasses completely. I had thought it might be able to be repaired with super glue or similar, but having had another closer look this morning I can't see how it could be done. I'm just going to have to go and order a new pair in Spec Savers in Milton Keynes, where you can have two pairs of glasses for £69. So I can have one pair for reading and another for driving, watching television or when we go to the theatre or cinema (which, incidentally, we do very infrequently.) I had hoped to have a pair of bifocals, which have both in one pair of glasses, so I can read things like product labels in the supermarket when we go shopping, which we do a lot these days, to check on such things as sugar content, as Carol is diabetic.

The weather has got a good deal colder over the past few days. We've had to put the central heating on.  I put it on early this morning when I was making our mugs of tea. It's on most of the day if I'm in the house. There was a real chill in the wind when I was outside about to take Carol to work. This morning I had to melt the ice off the windscreen of the car. The leaves are virtually finished falling off the trees and things are looking a little bleak.
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