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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Carol's Eye Problems

Carol has been having real problems with one of her eyes. I have mentioned it in earlier blog posts. She had been given drops when she last went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago, but the situation seemed to get worse rather than better. It has been something of a concern, because she is diabetic. On Wednesday evening she wanted to get some medicated drops from the Boots pharmacy at Kingston, so we drove there. Unfortunately we hit some traffic going along Chaffron Way and spent around 20 minutes or so in a queue of cars from just beyond the roundabout after Waitrose to the roundabout at Kingston. Then it took quite a long time to find a parking space near Boots  but we soon got into the Boots pharmacy and got what she needed. On Friday morning the eye didn't seem to be clearing up so we decided a doctors appointment was needed. It was easier to go and wait outside the surgery in Beanhill rather than attempt  to get through on the telephone. It was cold standing outside the surgery but it was worth the wait because we were around the first to walk through the door at 8 a.m. and Carol was seen after no more than 15 minutes and we got a prescription which we took to Boots at Kingston and it was made up rapidly so we could get back home and in the warm house.

I had to go to Sainsbury's early this morning to pick up a repeat prescription for myself as well as Carol and get a few additional items such as milk and bread for the Christmas period. It wasn't as busy as I was expecting, fortunately.
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