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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Digital Camera Malfunction and Christmas Shopping

My Canon digital camera decided to stop working. We wanted to take some photographs of Alfie, our Yorkie, but for some reason or other, the thing just wasn't doing what it should have done. I thought at first that the battery was flat. I had to find the confounded gadget which you have to use to put the battery in and then plug into the mains supply in order for the battery to be charged. This generally takes around two hours. When I looked at the battery the following morning I found the green light was still on, which showed that it was fully charged. It would have been orange showing there was no power in the battery. It was still green when I put it in the charging device. I put the battery in the camera and it didn't come on as it should have done. As a result we decided it should go back to the shop from where it was bought around a year ago, Jessops, in Milton Keynes Central Shopping Centre. We had other shopping we needed to do this morning, including our weekly grocery shop at Sainsbury's, but went into the city centre and took the camera with us. We parked in Debenham's multi-storey carpark and went in through Debenham's store. It was relatively customer-free when we walked through at around 9.30. Infact, the whole shopping centre seemed quite empty of people at that early hour of the morning. I suppose, considering it was a Saturday, it wasn't that much of a surprise. We walked in to the main centre and arrived at Jessops. We had searched for the receipt at home for the camera, as we realised that, if it was under a year old, it would still be under guarantee. Fortunately the young lady who came to our assistance was able to look at their computer system and she found the receipt. A neat bit of  computer technology, fortunately, which showed exactly what day it was we bought the camera. She removed the battery from the camera and said that she would put it on charge, so if we went off to complete our shopping and gave it an hour and a half or so, by the time we returned we would know whether the battery had charged or not. So we continued on our walk down the shopping centre, eventually arriving at the Middleton Hall end near John Lewis. We had a coffee and snack in Caffe Nero, opposite John Lewis. It was extremely busy, with a long queue virtually out of the door, but we were served relatively fast. From there we went into John Lewis, as there was quite a lot more we wanted to look for. I spent around 20 minutes browsing as Carol wanted time to search for my present and she obviously didn't want me with her. I had a browse in the electronics department, looking at, amongst other things, cameras, laptops and televisions. I saw an ultra HD television with a vast screen of well over 50 inches and was amazed at the clarity of the picture which was of animals on the veldt (supposedly) in Africa. You could almost feel you were there, see every detail of foliage, and hair, feel the wind blowing, it was that clear. Although I don't think I would want to spend almost £3000 on such a large television. It would take up most of one wall of our lounge. I eventually caught up with Carol and we then decided to walk back to Jessops. It turned out that the camera battery had not needed charging. I thought it might, because the green light on the charging device hadn't gone from 'orange', which would have indicated that it was out of power, to 'green,' indicating that it was fully charged. So the assistant took our details and said, as the camera was still under warranty it could be returned to Canon for repair. If it couldn't be repaired we would get a new camera as a replacement. I have to say I was really impressed by the customer service we received in Jessops. The assistant seemed very clued up as regards getting the camera repaired.  Which is more than I can say regarding Currys, where the customer service is virtually non existent. From Jessops we walked back towards Debenhams and had paninins and fruit juice in the resaurant.  Carol wanted to look for a dress in Debenhams and was rewarded  by her search and we bough me a rather smart new sweatshirt/top which will be another Christmas present.  From there we returned to the carpark and when we got out into the road we found the traffic building and headed towards Sainsbury's as we still had to do some grocery shopping before turning home.
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