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Monday, November 28, 2016

Visiting Doctor's Surgery

Carol didn't feel well this morning. She began to get ready for work but she began to say she had a pain in her kidneys. Or so it seemed. She wasn't sure whether she ought to go to work or not. I wasn't so sure. I thought she ought to get a doctor's appointment. Not such an easy matter, as I've mentioned in my blog posts on here. As she is diabetic, it's a good idea to take notice of such things, as it could be a sign that something more serious is wrong. You have to ring up the surgery around 10-11 a.m. if you want an appointment that day, and when you eventually get through, they get one of the doctors to phone back to get a rough idea what the problem is and then give you an appointment. I thought it was important that she gets an appointment as soon as possible, so we went to the surgery in Bean Hill just before 8 a.m. an waited until the surgery opened. Fortunately we were able to get seen by a doctor at 11.10, so we went back home and returned just before 11 o'clock. When we returned Carol just had to sign in using the computer screen in the reception area. Well, it was working. It has been out of use the last couple of times we've been in the surgery reception.

The reception-area became very busy. People coming and going. Mothers (and fathers) with young children. Some in buggies. Some children crying and bawling. One young girl, shreiking, for what ever reason. Was it because she was ill, in pain perhaps? Or was she just having a temper-tantrum? Suddenly there was an incident. A young girl, who had been taking with one of the receptionists collapsed. Immediately there were nurses running in, as well as one of the doctors. They crowded around the girl. I'm not sure what had happened. Did she have a heart attack? A stroke? A wheelchair was bought in and she was taken away to one of the surgeries. I have to say I was a little impressed by how the staff dealt with the incident.

Carol was called in. Her name came up on the digital display. Her appointment was delayed because of the incident with the young girl, but considering how many staff came running in to assist, it's not a surprise the appointment was later than originally booked. About five minutes later Carol came back out and she told me that a prescription had been sent via email to Sainsbury's pharmacy. We drove to Sainsbury's in Witan Gate as we had to do shopping and collected the prescription, which turned out to be antibiotics.

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